Rainy Day Birding

I have recently returned from visiting my grandparents in Richland, Washington, and while opportunities for birding were scarce between family time and near constant rain showers, I do have a few photos I would love to share with you all. Enjoy!

Joel Such in pursuit through a Russian-olive grove
Great Blue Heron in profile
This Varied Thrush, a northwestern specialty, tested the limits of my autofocus abilities
Riverside contraption on the Columbia River during a brief respite from the rain
Song Sparrows exhibit a large amount of geographic diversity in appearance, so a northwestern individual appears very different than one see in Colorado
I believe this to be a pale Sooty Fox Sparrow, the pacific subspecies Passerella iliaca unalaschcensis (as opposed to the interior west “Slate-colored” subspecies P.a. schistacea)

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