Fleeing the Cold (soon)

Three exams done, two to go. As soon as I achieve blessed freedom tomorrow morning, I will be fleeing the cold, snowy reaches of the Gunnison Basin in a desperate search for warmth and birds. After meeting up with some dear friends and birding badasses in Albuquerque, we will be making the long haul to southern Sonora, Mexico, for a series of Christmas Bird Counts and other adventurous birding chenanigans. Stay tuned for my return to the states sometime around Christmas, you will not want to miss our story!

However, I have news to keep you occupied until that time! If you are on the social medias, head on over to Facebook to reward my procrastination by liking my new page, The Cursorial Birder! For your efforts, you will be rewarded with notices of new blog posts funneled straight into your feed, and additionally all the nuggets of random birding and running awesomeness that are just a bit too small to deserve their own dedicated blog posts.

Thanks for your readership, and Merry Christmas!


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